Life Members


* Means deceased

Mr. John Taylor*

Superstar cricketer of the 1920s & 1930s who won numerous club and competition awards, played in 1st OCC Premiership

Mr. Stewart Eakin

Also played through the 1920s & 1930s, was the 1st great OCC administrator

Mr. Charlie Reid

Helped to re-commence the OCC post WW2, instigated the current club colours of "Red & White" in line with the Football Club

Mr. Don Jones*

Regarded as our best ever cricketer, and now has the 1st XI Best & Fairest named in his honour

Mr. Noel Wall*

Also was a key player in the recommencement of the OCC post WW2, brilliant cricket administrator and Junior coach

Mr. Max Finegan*

Long serving player and terrific administrator of the 1960s & early 1970s

Mr. Frank Hallas*

Long serving committeeman and outstanding spin bowler from the late 1970s up until the mid 1980s

Mr. Keith Rae

One of the outstanding OCC people of all time, long time player and Exec committee member, 3 time Best Clubman, long serving junior coach

Mr. Rick Wall

One of the all time great players and administrators of the OCC, dominated the club onfield from the mid 1970s until the mid 1990s

Mr. Michael Fitzgerald

Long serving player and Exec committee member, is now honoured with the OCC Best Clubman award struck in his name

Mr. Ian Jones

Long serving player and junior coach from the 1970s until the 1990s

Mr. Neville Bradshaw

Served with distinction at committee level for many years, long serving player and also RDCA committee member

Mr. Keith Pritchard

Long serving player and 5 time President, has won numerous club and competition awards in lower grades

Mr. Colin Giddens

Has served the OCC at Exec committee level for many years, also outstanding long serving player

Mr. Stephen Scott

One of the great OCC people, serving at Exec committee level for many years, as well as being one of our all time greatest cricketers

Mr. Rodney Bartlett

One of our longest serving players in a career that spanned nearly 30 years at senior level

Mr. Adam Humpries

Long serving committeeman who has also established himself as one of the modern day greats of the OCC at 1st XI level

Mr. Glenn Taylor

One of the great OCC characters of the modern era. Terrific clubman with fantastic committment to committee work and coaching Juniors. Also 1st XI Premiership captain and longtime player.

Mr. Peter Dean

A brilliant servant of the OCC throughout the first part of the new century. Serving in Executive Committee positions in no less than 7 years. Has also been a long serving player including a 3rd XI Premiership Captain.

Mr. Tim Scott

One of the few people to have an enourmous impact on our club at both senior and junior level. Has served as club secretary, general committee, senior and junior coach, and always trying to better the club and our members.

Mr. Adrian Willoughby

Long serving committeeman including 4 year stint as President, also won a string of club awards at 1st XI level.