Reason for a Drug Policy

  1. Olinda Cricket Club (Inc) aims to provide a positive environment for its members and families to enjoy the game of cricket, and thereby promote an active and healthy lifestyle.
  2. The use of illegal drugs is a significant problem in the Hills and broader community. It is an ongoing issue of legality, reputation and personal welfare and safety.
  3. The use of illegal drugs by any member of the Olinda Cricket Club (O.C.C.) is totally contrary to the sporting, health and good citizenship culture of the Club.
  4. Such drug use by any Club member or supporter in circumstances within the scope of this Policy will not be tolerated by the O.C.C. Committee. Preserving the reputation of the O.C.C. and ensuring a healthy social culture for all its members and supporters will be a high priority.
  5. The intent of this Policy in relation to "illegal drugs" is primarily focused on cannabis, however the expression "illegal drug" also includes amphetamines, heroin and any other drug banned by law under the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981.
  6. In this regard the Olinda Cricket Club Committee will be vigilant and pro-active. All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure its members comply with acceptable community standards and the law.
  7. O.C.C. has a good working relationship with local Police. Victoria Police have undertaken to take all reasonable steps to assist the Club with preventative strategies, and also thoroughly investigate any reported instance of illegal drug use at the Club.
  8. The Committee has a clear expectation that senior players will at all times project themselves as positive mentors and role models when junior players are in their presence and/or hearing.
  9. This expectation is particularly high in the context of this Drug & Alcohol Policy.

The Drug Policy

  1. Olinda Cricket Club's illegal drug policy states as follows:-
  • No O.C.C. member may possess and/or use an illegal drug before, during or after an official training session or matchday, within or in the vicinity of the Olinda or Kalorama Clubrooms, anywhere in the grounds or extremities of the Olinda or Kalorama Ovals, inside any clubhouse, immediately outside any clubhouse, carpark or anywhere within the boundaries of any particular reserve where O.C.C. members are to/have trained or played during these afore-mentioned periods. Any other public or private location where an O.C.C. player or players use illegal drugs, and the particular specific circumstances of the case would lead a reasonable person to make a direct connection between that drug use and the Olinda Cricket Club
  • The scope of this Policy as per sub-paragraphs above also extends to O.C.C. supporters.

Breach of Drug Policy

  1. Any breach or suspected breach of this Policy shall be reported to the Olinda Cricket Club Executive Committee by any club member, be they playing/social/committee or otherwise.
  2. Upon receipt of such a report the Executive Committee will take all reasonable steps, including a potential report to Police, to identify what evidence may be available to clarify the truth or otherwise of the reported breach.
  3. If the Executive Committee concludes there is a sound basis for the reporting of the breach, the club member or supporter who is the subject of the complaint will be called before the Executive Committee of the Olinda Cricket Club to respond to the allegation.
  4. The structure of such a hearing will be informal and private, with the principles of natural justice respected at all times. In the case of a junior player (see below), a parent or guardian will be consulted and requested to be present for the hearing.
  5. If in the unanimous opinion of Executive Committee the truth of the reported breach is substantiated (i.e. on the balance of probabilities the alleged breach is more likely than not to have occurred in the circumstances alleged), then the following action will occur:-
  • Senior Players (under this Policy 18 years and over) - 12 month suspension from the O.C.C. effective from the date of the breach report. During the period of suspension the player cannot represent O.C.C. in any manner, nor participate in any Olinda Cricket Club activity;
  • Junior Players (under this Policy up to 18 years of age) - the Executive Committee will liaise with the relevant parent or guardian, with the intent of agreeing on participation by the player in structured drug counseling or a mutually acceptable drug education program. Unless unusual circumstances exist, a period of suspension from all games will also be applied. The length of that suspension will be at the discretion of the Executive, such discretionary period governed by the player and/or parent subsequently producing satisfactory evidence to the Executive that the counseling and/or drug education program has been completed. In the event that a junior player refuses or fails to participate in counseling or the like as stipulated in this paragraph, then a 6 month suspension will be applied from the date of the breach report.
  1. In the case of a second (subsequent) drug allegation being found to be substantiated against a "senior" player or adult supporter, then the individual will be subjected to a life time ban from the Olinda Cricket Club. The person will be named on a specific register for reference by future committees at O.C.C.
  2. In the case of a second (subsequent) drug allegation being found to be substantiated against a "junior" player, the Executive Committee will apply a suspension from all games and training for a period determined at their discretion. Discretion applied to the length of the suspension period will be contingent on all circumstances relevant to the individual player.