Code of Conduct



Olinda Cricket Club (OCC) has developed a Code of Conduct, in order to provide all participants with a guide as to minimum standards for all players, officials, parents and supporters.
Cricket is a healthy sport with a proud tradition - it is intended to be enjoyed!

1. Know the rules of the game.

Knowing and playing by the rules of cricket is your responsibility. The lessons learned in this respect can be carried over in a positive way to all aspects of your life. Do not deliberately ignore or break rules. During any match, whether on or off the field of play, all OCC players and officials will behave and conduct themselves in accordance with Club and league policies. These policies are available upon request or directly from respective websites.

2. Work equally hard for yourself and your team.

You owe it to yourself and others involved in your team to train and play to the best of your abilities. The performance of your team will benefit and so will you as an individual.

3. Be a good sport, you represent the Olinda Cricket Club

Display control and courtesy to all involved in the sport. Good manners and respect can be infectious, on or off the field. An important aspect of involvement in cricket is respect for all participants in the game, including opponents. Umpires can have a difficult task to perform in enforcing the rules of the game, it is not acceptable to abuse an umpire or dispute decisions. Do not behave so poorly, on or off the field, that your actions bring disrepute to the Olinda Cricket Club.

4. Control your temper.

Verbal abuse of other players or game officials is a serious breach of the rules. Loss of temper is ugly and unpleasant for everyone. It can have an adverse effect on the effectiveness of you and your team in a game.

5. Behave responsibly in relation to alcohol and other drugs.

All players, officials and supporters must read and understand the OCC Alcohol and Drug Policy, as published on the Olinda Cricket Club website.

6. Ensure your decisions and actions support safety.

It is the responsibility of everyone to contribute to a safe environment, both on and off the field. Examples of this positive behaviour can be as diverse as demonstrating a commitment to safe driving of motor vehicles at Olinda Cricket Ground, or displaying a duty of care to people and property when practising hitting a cricket ball out of the nets, or on or off the oval.

7. Swearing is unacceptable.

Whether during or after a match or cricket practice, the use of loud offensive language is poor conduct and may constitute un-sportsmanlike behaviour. Using loud indecent language within the hearing of females or children will be regarded by the OCC as a breach of discipline.

8. Respect the rights and worth of every person.

The Olinda Cricket Club is committed to ensuring that all Club officials, players and members actively contribute to an environment free of racial, religious or gender harassment. Every person associated with OCC is required to respect the rights and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

Failure to Comply

Ignorance of this Policy will not be regarded as a defence to any disciplinary action instituted by the Executive Committee.
Any confirmed breach of the Policy could result in the following tiered penalties;
Level 1 - 1st Warning
Level 2 - 2nd Warning
Level 3 - Suspension from games and social events up to 2 seasons
Level 4 - Life ban
The perceived nature of the conduct determines which level applies. Subsequent breaches increment in severity.